Activities for Primary Music Teachers using Technology: These can be adapted for other grades.

  1. Peer Gynt
  2. Carnvial of the Animals
  3. Program Music
  4. Movement/Dance
  5. Soundscapes (Made sounds/created sounds)

3 and 4:
  1. Instruments of the Orchestra
  2. Music From other cultures/Around the World.
  3. Bush Music (Music from Australia)
  4. Re-writing Songs...(nursery rhymes/rap)

5 and 6:
  1. Film Scores/Soundtracks
  2. Musicals- Designing your own
  3. STOMP
  4. Radio Station- create your own jingles
  5. Create your own avatar:
  6. Art and Music; (Tie it in with Minimalism, Impressionism etc)

Activity for PD Day:
Dropbox File:
Sound Files to work with;
File 1:
File 2:
File 3:
File 4:

Activity 1: Audacity (Basics) Cut, Copy, Paste
Setting up a soundscape using found sounds.

Basic Powerpoint for Revision/New Skills: (2nd on list) under external tutorials.

Activity 2: Audacity: Changing Keys

Activity 3: Audacity: Changing the Tempo

Activity 4: Audacity: Removing the vocals

Activity 4.1: Record into Audacity
  1. Getting ready to record by setting up your preferences:
  2. Recording Audio from your computer:
  3. Creating your own ringtone:

Activity 4.2: Final Mixdown-
  1. Mixing
  2. Adding Effects:
  3. Exporting out...

Activity 5: MuseScore
  1. Learning the tools (very similiar to Sibelius layout) and using "Twinkle, Twinkle".

Activity 6: Interactive with a Diff: Using either computer or IWB to create a visual drawing whilst listening to music.
  1. Flashpaint:
  2. Jackson Pollock:

Activity 7: Setting up Delicious Account/Twitter

Activity 8: Basics of Wiki's

Activity 9: Wordle:
  1. Create a Wordle with your current theme in class:

Activity 10: Plan an activity for YOUR classroom (in pairs) using some of the tools you have learnt today...