Activities for use with technology for Years 7-12. (8-13 for NZ). These can be adapted for other grades as well.

Year 7:
  1. Music From Different Decades:
  2. Film Scores:
  3. Keyboard (Kids write their own keyboard themes)

Year 8:
  1. STOMP

Year 9:
Musical Theatre:
Music Genres:
World Music:

Year 10:
Music Technology (as a subject as a pre-cursor to MIS)

Year 11:
Music Industry Skills:
VCE 1 and 2:

Year 12:
Music Industry Skills:
VCE 1 and 2:

Activities for Professional Development:
  1. Wikispaces:
    1. Join the wiki- set up an account (Username and Password)
    2. Name your wiki (something you can remember), choose "Protected" and then K-12 Education under "Type".
    3. Create New Page. Type Page Title and Tags to find your page.
      1. Type some text in the Text Editor and press Save.
      2. For a web link: Copy web address (Ctrl + C) and then paste into Text Editor (Ctrl + V).
      3. Hi-light the web link and go to "Link". Select : Add Link.
      4. To add YouTube Video: Go to Widget > Video > YouTube. (Go to the selected YouTube video and there is a box that says embed. Ctrl + C (Copy) the code and then Ctrl + V (Paste) the code into the Text box and click "Save"

  1. Audacity:
    1. Sound Effects to be used:
    2. Soundscape Lesson Plan-could also record live sounds/found sounds.
    3. Skills: Import Audio: Drag and Drop from Desktop or go "Project > Import Audio".
    4. Skills: Cut, Copy, Paste.
    5. Skills: Move Audio along (Time shift tool)
    6. Skills: Remove Sections of Audio.
    7. Skills: Remove lyrics from songs.
    8. Skills: Change Tempo (without changing quality of sound).
    9. Skills: Change Pitch (Great for Voiceovers)
    10. Skills: Recording Audio from Computer (i.e. YouTube)
    11. Skills: Getting ready to record by setting up your preferences:
    12. Skills: Mixing (Pan/Volume Levels and Fading In/ Fading out..)

  1. MuseScore: (Download at: >
    1. Skills: Entering Notes: Ghosting Tool (N) or combo of numbers and letter names.
    2. Skills: Change Octaves: Ctrl + Up Arrow or Down Arrow
    3. Skills: Chords: Shift + letter name to stack notes for chord.
    4. Skills: Cut, Copy, Paste: Click in the bar (above notes) to highlight bar (to copy or delete)
    5. Skills: Delete Extra Bars (Highlight one bar and use the across arrow to hi-light more bars.

  1. Karaoke iTune Prompter (Download at:
    1. Tutorials for Karaoke iTune Prompter.
    2. Skills: Import Audio and then Add Lyrics.
    3. Skills: Syncing Audio and Text
    4. Skills: Exporting Video (Goes to iTunes)

Interactive with a Diff: Using either computer or IWB to create a visual drawing whilst listening to music.
  1. Flashpaint:
  2. Jackson Pollock:

Online Sequencing/Composition Tools:
  1. Myna:
  2. Soundation Studio:

Resources for Teachers:
  1. Delicious:
  2. Wordle: