This page will be used for activities for Pearson's 'Art and Music Adventures".
Primary Music 2011 has a great section for Videos
Interactive Websites has good links.
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Apps for the Music Classroom - List on Megan's Pinterest Board
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Music Activities

Activity 1: Rhythm and Rap (Nursery Rhymes)
Here are some examples from another school:
Three Bears Rap
Physical Activity: Choose a nursery rhyme, re-create it (either as an individual or as a class) and practice rapping it, there are some examples above.
Online Activity: Use this tool to record your rap over once you have written and practiced it.
iOS App: Use Garage Band to re-create your rap complete with
Talk Rapper: Use this app for a beatbox app (and experiment with the rhythms).

Good Places to find nursery rhymes: See above links on this wiki.

Activity 2: Composition (Soundscapes)- could relate back to Collage (Jeannie Baker's Unit)
Physical Activity: Can draw the soundscapes on a A3 sheet (integrate it with art with shapes, symbols).
Using a basis of looking at found sounds and created sounds within our environment (internal and external).
Online Resources:
Listening Guides:
  1. Then doing a sound effects quiz.
  2. Getting kids to find sounds that they can record.
  3. Other idea is to make up your own sound effect story dragging sound effects into Audacity (or other music program) to tell a story. Get the children to use five different sound effects to tell a story. (Easier to limit them). When they do this story, use pictures to demonstrate what type of sound and how long these sounds will go for?
Online Activity:
A day at the beach..
Wildlife Sounds:
iOS App: VisuMusio or Scape

Activity 3: Listening and Learning (Graphing Music) Elements of Music and Program Music - Refer to Kandisky, Abstract Art and Music
Physical Activity: Fold paper in half and then half again, so you have 4 boxes. This gives you the space for 8 pieces of music to graph. Think of it like graphing a heartbeat. Slow (wide apart), fast close together...High up towards the top of the box, low down the bottom of the box. You can also read stories about these pieces..such as Carnival of the Animals, In the Hall of the Mountain King.

Online Activity: As you listen to music, use the Jackson Pollock website to paint according to the music.
Workflow: Create art work first whilst listening to music and then create a digital storytelling presentation to explain about your painting/artwork.
iOS App:

Good Places to find music.

Activity 4: Movies and Music (Emotions in Music) - Look at Silent Films as well.
Physical Activity: Looking at movie clips (and Primary Music PD 2011 for movie clips), what makes scary music, happy music, sad can we know something is going to happen by listening to the music. Look at also music for advertisements (could be a double unit).
Online Activity: Compose a movie soundtrack or a jingle using
iOS App: Using GarageBand compose a soundtrack for a short movie clip (perhaps you StopMotion video) and then export to iMovie or create Silent Films

Activity 5: STOMPing all the Way (Found Objects and Body Percussion)
STOMP resources Part 1
STOMP resources Part 2
Exploratorium: Kitchen Sink

Workflow: Take a screenshot of Finger STOMP HD, plan out in your group what order the patterns are going to be (check examples in the app). Then record (could also then mash this up and re-create it into another composition.
Physical Activity: Actually, use items from the classroom to create a composition based on found objects. Kitchen sink is another great one, I love using brooms and bins (but it can get a little noisy and sometimes brooms get broken). Show the clips from STOMP first, so students get the idea. The other one could be to re-create body percussion patterns (use it as a warm-up in class).
Online Activity: Re-Create just using the patterns here.
iOS App: Finger Stomp HD (see above) or MadPad

Music Resources: Creating Karaoke Videos for your classroom (great for learning new songs) or nursery rhymes.

iOS Apps to help you in the Classroom: (also check out Pinterest board link at top of page)

**SlowTunes** (Slows Music down so you can learn it)

Teacher Resources:

Interactive Websites for Kids