Ideas from Conference (Notes as promised ;) Click HERE:
Aunty Wendy's Resources and CD's

Indigenous Resources
Ukulele for Little Kids Resources:

Pinterest Site where links are found:

Interactive Websites that you can use in your classroom.

  2. More resources
  3. Where to buy in Australia.
  4. Boomwhacker Links

iKaraoke Tune Prompter – Literacy Tool (show how to do a nursery rhyme)
  1. Karaoke iTune Prompter (Download at:
    1. Tutorials for Karaoke iTune Prompter.

Music and Literacy (Rhymes- what rhymes do you know? )
  1. English
    1. Her site also has rhymes in different languages.
    2. Traditional Rhymes and their stories:
    3. Different Languages:


Auslan- I can sing a Rainbow.
  2. Here is the Auslan chart to go with it.

Music and Science Sounds of Nature Album

Energizers and Exercises for your class Go to the Go Banana's PDF down the bottom. Here is the YouTube Clip Here are the videos from the Energizer book. Shark Attack

Using Beanbags in your class:
Search Google for : 'beanbag games for music'.
Where I ordered my beanbags from:
Take Five (with beanbags)!

Cup Game: and it also has videos of the cup game.
Viennese Clock by Kodaly:
Written instructions on how to play cup games:

Music and Movement: Creative Movement in the Classroom.

Some ideas include: (One Minute Dance Break)- Circuit Breaks (Very Orff related)
  1. Skeleton Dance:!
  2. You can Stomp your feet:
  3. Dancing Face:
  4. Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear:
  5. Look up Pinterest for movement pages:
  6. iTunes Links: Moving with Mike. Activity Rhythmic Movement of Zoo Animals.

World Music Ideas
Australian Bush Music Dances: Bushwhackers

World Music Songs: World Music For Kids

Music For Special Occasions and Different Themes in the Classroom

Guided Imagery David Jones and Carmen Warrington ABC
Guided Imagery Links:

Songs to learn things by
Good Bye Song :!
Days of the Week:
Months of the Year: (days of the month)

Action Songs
Resources: An example of "She'll be coming around the mountain"
Action Songs:
  1. A sailor went to Sea, Sea, Sea (body movement)
  2. The Grand old Duke of York (marching)
  3. The Ants went marching (marching)
  4. Here we go Looby Loo (circle)
  5. Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear Turn around (individual)
  6. Dem Bones (individual)
  7. You can Stamp your feet (listening and stopping)
  8. A tisket, A Tasket (circle game)
  9. Doctor Knickerbocker, Knickerbocker, Number 9. (body movement)
10. Miss Mary Mack (clapping game)

Bounce, Bounce the Ball:!
Cup Game:
List of some great action songs.

Transitional Music in your classroom