This will be looking at Interactive Websites that can be used on the computer, with an IWB or via a data projector. Next to each one of these tools will be a (P) for Primary or (S) for secondary or (PS) applicable to both.

General Interactive Music Ed Sites (usually with Games)
  1. PBS Kids:
  3. Bobby McFerrin: Don't worry be Happy and other interactive songs:
  4. Music at School UK (Year 7 Upwards):
  5. Musical Mysteries:
  6. Creative Kids Central:
  7. Sphinx Kids:
  8. Incredibox:
  9. Online Music Game (P-2):
  10. Viva Zone (Musica Viva):
  11. Karen Garrett:
  12. Online Music Games:
  13. Interactive Orchestra (Conduct Film Score/Classical Music):
  14. Creating Music Site:
  15. Online Metronome:

Sequencing/Mixing Programs:
  1. This is for (PS) and has a few different components to it. Different styles to mix up. Web 2.0 based, so it doesn't require a download.
  2. BBC Radio 3:
  3. Music Creator and Audio Editor
  4. Looplabs:
  5. Soundation:
  6. 25 Digital Free Audio Editors:
  7. 30 Free Online Multimedia Tools:
  8. Audio and Pocasting Tools:
  9. Audio Tool:
  10. Place to store your files: (Online storage)
  11. Cut MP3 online:

Music Theory:
  1. Scotland's Equivalent to Senior Music Resources:
  2. Music Theory.Net:
  3. eMusic Theory:
  4. Music Flashcards:
  5. 8Notes:
  6. PracticeSpot:
  7. Dolmetsch Online:

Music Ear Training:
  1. Good ear:
  3. Interval Songs Example Chart:
  4. Learn2hear:
  5. Free Online Ear Training:
  6. Big Ears Online Ear Training:
  7. Flash Music Games:
  8. Music Intervals Tutor:
  9. Online Ear Training:

Classical Music/Info on Instruments:
  1. Keeping Score Project with San Francisco Symphony Orchestra:
  2. Info on orchestral instruments:
  3. Classical.Net:
  4. Thinkquest on Chamber Music:
  5. CHICO Instrumental Encyclopedia:
  6. Peter and the Wolf PBS:
  7. Symphony Interactive Webquest:
  8. The Museum of Musical Instruments (MoMI):

Music History:
  1. Classics for Kids:This site is great for accessing classical music (Suitable for PS) There are interactive games as well.
  2. Music Notes:
  3. Music History:
  4. Mozart Project:

Orchestra Websites that are interactive:
  1. New York Philharmonic Website:
  2. Boston Philharmonic Website:
  3. San Francisco Website:
  4. Dallas Symphony Orchestra Website:
  5. Carnegie Hall:
  6. Nashville Symphony Orchestra:

Music by Subjects (i.e. Musical Theatre, Opera, Rock etc)
  1. Musical Theatre Webquest:
  2. BBC - Music Sites:
  3. Blues:
  4. Jazz:
  5. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame:
  6. BBC Orchestra Page:
  7. Musicals.Net:
  8. Musicals 101:

Interactive Instruments:
  1. Virtual Piano:
  2. Virtual DrumKit:
  3. Virtual Drum Machine:
  4. Virtual Music Wall:
  5. Interactive Turntable:
  6. Interactive Boomwhackers:
  7. Virtual Xylophone:
  8. Virtual Matrix:
  9. Virtual Piano:
  10. Virtual Drum Kit using typing keyboard:
  11. Virtual Drum Kit:
  12. Virtual Drum Machine: