Lesson Plan ideas for using Technology in the Music Classroom:

  1. Creating a 12 bar Blues
  2. Basic song structure using loops.
  3. Improvisation over a given theme such as a Nursery Rhyme.
  4. Theme and Variations.
  5. Create a jingle for a radio/television ad.
  6. Film/Soundtrack Themes
  7. Minimalist Ideas -
  8. Recording sounds from the environment and then put them into a composition.
  9. Painting in time to music: http://jacksonpollock.org/
  10. Voice Overs - change voices.
  11. Creating a new bell tune (for when it's recess etc)
  12. Music for a play/musical.
  13. Karaoke Tracks for choirs/concerts
  14. Teach the Parent night..make a cd together with students/parents.
  15. Create Animations/Comics to teach concepts (or even better still get kids to create them!)
  16. Teach Podcasting tips...so kids can create their own podcasts (and take their skills back into the classroom).