These are some resources for teachers to use in the Prep (Reception) to Grade 2 Classroom:
Orff Games: Some of these have video links:
Pass the object to the Tune of "Take Five":

Warm-ups for Class:
Tap your Name (To the tune of Hot Cross Buns).

Tap Your Name, Tap Your Name, Pass the drum a-round the room and tap your name.
Who will have the next go? Can you play the game? Pass the drum a-round the room and tap your name.

Pass the Beat or Pass the Cup:

Who took the cookie from the Cookie Jar:

Brain Gym:

Movement Exercise:

Slow, Slow, slow, slow, quick, quick, quick, quick
Say hello, say hello (and repeat) until the end of the song (use ribbons) walk around in a circle clockwise and then change direction if needed.

You could also do that for these songs (Act them out- just use small excerpts and then get the kids perhaps to draw the feelings or alternately graph the music):

In the Hall of the Mountain King (choose a section):
Flight of the Bumble Bee:
Carmina Burana: For a list of music, calling instructions etc.

Guided Imagery: Rest well, Sleep well Album by David Jones and Carmen Warrington.

Soundscape Unit:
  1. Using a basis of looking at found sounds and created sounds within our environment (internal and external).
  2. Then doing a sound effects quiz.
  3. Getting kids to find sounds that they can record.
  4. Doing a sound effect story (see for template) or just fold paper into three ways...
  5. Other idea is to make up your own sound effect story dragging sound effects into Audacity (or other music program) to tell a story. Get the children to use five different sound effects to tell a story. (Easier to limit them). When they do this story, use pictures to demonstrate what type of sound and how long these sounds will go for?