This is the resources for the session held in March 2011.
Online Resources: (Check out the download YouTube videos Word doc)

Movie Scoring/Sound Track Unit:
John Williams Conducting London Symphony Orchestra:

Movie Clips (short clips to use for movie and soundtracks). Often video trailers are a good place to start.
The other one's are advertisements to score to:
Honda Ads:
Vocal Percussion in Honda Ad:
Honda Accord Ad (with car parts)
CUB Beer Ad:
Herding Cats:

Movies: (Disney/Pixar Trailers are always good)
Shrek Forever After Trailer:
Finding Nemo Trailer:
Toy Story:
Any charlie Chaplin:
Singing in the Rain Musical Film (black and white scene)

Mr Bean Videos: Invisible Drum Kit Piano Player The Conductor

Where to convert videos/save videos from:
Mac Users: Format to save in: mp4
PC Users: Format to save in: .AVI (Just go 'no thanks' and use it straight from the website.

YouTube Videos to recommend/use:

Muppets Videos: Muppets and Ode to Joy Bohemian Rhapsody and the Muppets Popcorn and the Muppets

Ukulele Videos from YouTube:
(Anything by Jake Shimabukuro) -search on YouTube

Naturally 7 (Currently accompanying Michael Buble on tour in Oz) A capella group that does sounds of instruments and melody. (7 guys)

World Music Resources:
(Search) Where the ___ is Matt? (Matt goes around the world and dances)

Sing Online (find Sing songs)

Music Technology Sites: Karen Garrett

Classics for Kids:

Karaoke Videos Online: Van Basco Online (Midi and Karaoke Search Engine)

Drama Games (from Vern):

IWB's in Music Classroom:

Instrumental Resources:
Ukulele Resources:
Mike Jackson:

Electronic Drums:

JamHubs: Where you can practice silently...

Music Room from Bushfire Press: