These are the files from Pearson "Primary Music and Technology" on the 12/11/2010 in Melbourne, VIC. Will try and add some things to this (and any files that anyone else suggests or wants to add).

Things/Ideas people mentioned:
Rhonda's Transport Idea using Audacity:

Audacity: Recording from YouTube to Audacity:

YouTube Video of Bobby McFerrin and the Pentatonic Scale:

Bobby McFerrin doing Ave Maria:

This reminded me of Paradise Road, the movie which was a few years ago..true story about women in the World War 11 (Japanese Prisoners of Wars Camp) and they learnt classical orchestral works (basically a vocal orchestra). I have the soundtrack for this movie and it is beautiful, still can't bring myself to watch all of it since my grandfather was in World War 11 in PNG.
Information on the Story:
Video Trailer:

YouTube Clip of Soweto Youth Gospel Choir warming up and doing do-re-mi. This has got me thinking...Sometimes kids need to see other people doing warmups, and get a good idea of sound...Search on YouTube for Choir Warmups.

Groups I mentioned:
  1. Idea of North:
  2. ABC Jazz site:
  3. Idea of North: Isn't She Lovely with audience participation:

Apps I mentioned for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad:
  1. NumPad- use it as an external keypad (and if you have the most recent versions of Sibelius or Finale it comes with the shortcuts for this.

Websites people mentioned:
  1. Stretch audio in your web browser (ONLINE!)
  2. iNudge (Virtual Instrument) (also on Interactive Websites under Virtual Instruments:
  3. Copyright Council of Australia:
Products people mentioned:
  1. USB Microphones:
    1. Official Website for Blue Snowflake Mic:
    2. Prices:
    3. Reviews of USB Mics:
  2. iPod Docking Stations (or the other option is a Micro Hi-Fi system- radio as well as CD player)
    2. Sony Micro Hi Fi system which I have at home...Love the sound quality and iPod is docked almost there all the time.
  3. iPod Touch Accessories:
    1. AV Component Cable: Connect iPod Touch or iPhone or iPad or Classic iPod to Television or Data projector.
    2. Mics for iDevices:Thumbtack Mics
    3. Belkin Tune Studio: Record directly with your iPod and mix...>>

Books to read/titles I suggested:
  1. Olivers Sacks: Musicophilia (About disorders associated with Music)
  2. Daniel Levitin:
    1. Your Brain on Music:
    2. Six Songs:

Documentaries I suggested:
  1. The Music Instinct: Science and Song (Aired on ABC in August):
    1.; To buy the episode digitally.
    2. Fishpond to buy the DVD.
  2. The Musical Brain:
    3. To buy on DVD from ABC: