These are the resources and notes taken from the Early Childhood Conference 2012. (Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne).

Primary School Choirs:
10 Top Tips and Resources (will create a separate wikispace page).

Drumming Resources with Djembes: Melbourne Based Djembe Groups for Workshops Great for resources and links

Months of the Year/Days of the Week songs:

Maths Songs: Just found this fantastic resource for "Songs to help with Maths" (rather than searching for "maths songs".
Perimeter Song:
Counting in 2's:

Songs for Circle Time:
Boom Chicka Boom:
Pass the Clap:
Who ate the cookies from the cookie jar?

Nursery Rhymes: This is the three bears rap Song : Year 3 Upbeat book and tape/CD Here are the lyrics Here is the YouTube video

Camp Songs (Call and Response or Echo Songs)
Baby Shark: (Energizer Song) (Karaoke version)
Form Banana: ( Karaoke Version
Stand up and Sit Down:
Boa Constrictor: Youtube Video of Johhny Cash
Wishy Washy Washer Woman:
Going on a Bear Hunt:
Stomp and Clap: (with Nursery Rhymes- Call and response):

Patty Shukla: (Lots of videos)

A ram Sam Sam: (Action song)

Gareth Malone
Highly recommend watching this BBC series (did movement/exercise BEFORE classes started!!!!

Ukulele Resources for young kids: Little Ukers This is what a lot of music teachers use.

Dancing/Movement Resources: I used to use this in my classroom, anything by Mike Jackson is good. Bush Dances- has instructions, choreography and CD's (and calling which is vital!)

Indigenous Resources:
Aunty Wendy's Resources and CD's
Indigenous Resources


Kids TV 123:
Super Simple Songs:
Have fun teaching: Great list of songs for everyday routines

Energizers: Activities to get you moving (or to quickly change topic in class

When you hear your birth month:

Actions (Say it like a "long skipping rope game): Stand in a circle and jump in on your birthday and then jump out!)

(1st line): Strawberry shortcake

Huckleberry Fin

When you hear your birthday month

Jump right in.

January, February, March, April,

May, June, July, August,

September, October, November, December, I don’t remember.

Jump Down, Turn around" - Negro Spiritual.

Shake your sillies out:

I’m gon-na shake, shake, shake my sil-lies out
Shake, shake, shake my sil-lies out
And wig-gle my wag-gles a-way

Clap my crazies out
Jump my jiggles out
Yawn my sleepies out
Stretch my strechies out
Shake my sillies out
When I wake up in the morning (Brush your teeth song): (still having trouble finding the alternate lyrics)

A tisket, A tasket (Instructions): Words and Music Traditional
Circle Game: The game starts with one person on the outside of the circle, holding an item that stands for the "letter" (i.e. scarf/beanbag). This person walks around the circle while the others sing the song. When they get to the last words ("lost it".) “It” drops the object behind the person they are next to and runs! This person picks up the object and tries to catch the "It" with it. If the "It" makes it to the empty space and successfully sits, the person who was chasing them is now the new “It”. If the "catcher" tags the "dropper" before he/she sits, the "dropper" is in and they sit in the middle of the circle until someone else is caught.

Brain Gym:

Brendan O'Hara (Beanbag Resources) Also look for Brain Gym Materials to go with Bean Bag ideas. Where to buy the CD's