Activity 1: Speed Think in 120 seconds (working on RELEVANT material for YOUR classroom).
Put it into a mindmap (and refer back to for material). is a great tool and it is free. ( Set up an account to save mindmaps) Create a wall for brainstorming ideas and sharing ideas. Great brainstorming tool with pictures etc.

Creating a Wikispace Page to put your ideas in
  1. Wikispaces:
    1. Join the wiki- set up an account (Username and Password)
    2. Name your wiki (something you can remember), choose "Protected" and then K-12 Education under "Type".
    3. Create New Page. Type Page Title and Tags to find your page.
      1. Type some text in the Text Editor and press Save.
      2. For a web link: Copy web address (Ctrl + C) and then paste into Text Editor (Ctrl + V).
      3. Hi-light the web link and go to "Link". Select : Add Link.
      4. To add YouTube Video: Go to Widget > Video > YouTube. (Go to the selected YouTube video and there is a box that says embed. Ctrl + C (Copy) the code and then Ctrl + V (Paste) the code into the Text box and click "Save"
      5. Create at least 3-4 pages

Activity 2: Creating your own song and recording it with someone's picture:

Being a Networked Music Teacher:

Helpful tools for Music Teachers Part 1:
Bookmarking your resources online

Creative Commons (Pics, Audio and Video)

Types of Audio Files: This is a great list of free audio editors

Types of Video Files:
Video Converters:
  1. Convert different formats of video

Activity 3: Creating Karaoke Videos for rehearsals, concerts
iKaraoke Tune Prompter:
Karaoke iTune Prompter (Download at:
  1. Tutorials for Karaoke iTune Prompter.
  2. Skills: Import Audio and then Add Lyrics.
  3. Skills: Syncing Audio and Text
  4. Skills: Exporting Video (Goes to iTunes)

Sandbox Part 1: Incredibox Katie Wardrobe's excellent guide to using this online tool.

Activity 4: Roc
Using Web 2.0 to create, record and export music files.
You will need to register first and then login:
  2. Great video to remind you of basic process.

Activity 5: Audacity
Importing Audio

Activity 6: Scoring

Finale NotePad:

  1. MuseScore: (Download at: >
    1. Twinkle Twinkle.pdf
      Twinkle Twinkle.pdf
      Twinkle Twinkle.pdf
    2. Skills: Entering Notes: Ghosting Tool (N) or combo of numbers and letter names.
    3. Skills: Change Octaves: Ctrl + Up Arrow or Down Arrow
    4. Skills: Chords: Shift + letter name to stack notes for chord.
    5. Skills: Cut, Copy, Paste: Click in the bar (above notes) to highlight bar (to copy or delete)
    6. Skills: Delete Extra Bars (Highlight one bar and use the across arrow to hi-light more bars.

Activity 7: Web 2.0 Tools
10 Top Web 2.0 Tools that are a MUST in your classroom.
  1. Evernote
  2. Google Docs - free and great for collaboration
  3. Wordle ( and Tagxedo (
  4. Dropbox- Online Cloud Storage
  5. Edmodo
  6. Poll Everywhere
  7. Delicious and Diigo
  8. Wallwisher

Activity 8: Mobile Devices and the Music Classroom
Using iOS Devices such as iPod Touches/iPads:
  1. GarageBand for iPad:
  2. ForScore
  3. Symphony
  4. FingerStomp

Great Technology tools to use in your classroom (that aren't music based)
Skype- have you ever thought about connecting with an expert or another classroom- have a virtual ensemble.


Drawing Tools and Animation Tools: (Comics)

Timeline Creators: (for creating timelines for Music History)

Poster Tools: (Students can create online Posters) + other related tools

Online Whiteboards: Great for collaboration amongst students

Bookmarking your resources online

Interactive Websites for the Music Classroom: