Axis of Awesome: 4 Chord song
Australian Comedy trio demonstrating Pop songs that just use the same four chords. This is the studio version, stop at roughly 3.30 (due to language).

Potter Puppet Pals: Ostinato (Great for teaching Ostinato)

Ukulele Karaoke Style: resources
Check this site out for learning beatles songs with the chords. You can use their tuner as well.

Ideas for the Classroom:
Resources (web Links from Melb Uni)
History of Rock and Roll:

Styles of Music:

Playing unique video clips to inspire kids about performance/different techniques:
Victor Wooten (Bass Guitar):

Jake Shimabukuro (Ukulele):

Practicing Drums:

Music for Gaming:
(get Multimedia students to create games), students score for them.

PowerTab: Download from Internet (for writing Guitar Tab/Chords) Video Tutorials ($)

GarageBand Ideas/Projects:
  • Using Musical Typing to learn songs (refer back to Axis of Awesome video idea)
  • Scoring for Movies/Ads: Bringing in movie trailers/short movie clips

Where to buy Equipment from for Music Tech/ideas how to set up labs:
USB Midi Keyboards:

How to set up a keyboard lab (ideas)

GarageBand for iPad

Music Teacher Associations/Websites: